One eyed pole

It’s Monday January 2. I’m up north in the wilderness, or as close to it as I can be. It’s not too cold, in fact it’s quite pleasant. I’ve put my truck away for the winter though, so I’m not planning on doing any truck stuff for a while. The 2022 Christmas Special has been put away too, so If you missed, you missed it. This morning’s news saw the installation of Brazil’s new globohomo puppet leader, and the first thing out of the mouths of the Lugenpress was Brazil is now in line with the wishes of all the environmentalists of the world. Ostensibly this was about saving the Amazon rainforests, but it’s actually a cover for Brazil signing up to the global warming/climate change hoax and scam, which is how the United Nations, WEF etc etc, plan to subjugate the west and take control of every aspect of our lives. They’re going to fail though, because they are nothing if not some of the stupidest people alive today.

What else? I don’t have any projects, but when I get back from here, I’ll probably start editing some video among other things. All I’ve done here is fix broken stuff. Every year when temperature goes below freezing something breaks, usually the plumbing. The copper pipes are getting old, at least the fittings anyway. The joins are weak in places so it doesn’t take much to stress them to make them come loose. Next spring I will replace a lot of it, but I ain’t doing it now. I hate fixing stuff. The next place I live in is going to be built after 1970, not before 1900. This joint up here was built in 1800. America was barely born at that point.

The dam is iced over and the sun is trying to break through the clouds. It still gets dark at about 3.30 here. It’s closer to the North Pole, that’s why. In NY it happens about 4.30, but the days are getting longer at last. Last night I watched a movie that I hadn’t seen before. It was “As Good As It Gets”, starring Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt and Greg Kinnear. It was co-written and directed by James L Brooks who was born in Brooklyn as James Bernstein, but changed his name and pretended to be Irish. (wikipedia doesn’t say why).

It’s a great movie in my opinion, the writing is brilliant and the cast are perfect. Nicholson plays an OCDC writer who is obsessed with a waitress (Helen Hunt) at the restaurant he dines at. Greg Kinnear is his troubled gay neighbor. There are some great lines. My favorite is when Melvin (Nicholson) is asked by the adoring receptionist at his publishing house how he is so skilled at writing women. “I think of a man”, he says “and then take away all reason and accountability.”

Happy Tuesday.