She came in through the

bathroom window. I don’t know why. I’ve been listening the the Beatles again. Wikipedia will give you the origins of that song, but you’ll have to look it up, I’m not c/p ing today if I can help it. Later on, I had the radio in my truck on, and because I can only get two radio stations where I am, I’m stuck with the insufferable and utterly stupid NPR and it’s insanity, or 106 something, a rock station. They play the worst shit you could imagine. A lot of 70’s 80’s and 90’s “rock music is just unlistenable garbage in my opinion. Those fucking hair bands like Motley Crue and fuck knows who else with the big hair and the make up, all suck donkey balls. The singer can’t sing, the guitars are all playing this plastic distorted Eddie Van Halen inspired-but-never-as-good-as shitty riffs. The drums are all echoey and gay, and the entire thing should never have been brought into existence. I don’t know who these fucking bands are, but they’re always on when I’m driving the truck. I’m starting to think that the truck came with them. It’s execrable shite, but I can’t turn it off because the Android thing I installed to replace the radio, doesn’t have a volume knob, does it.

She came in through the green house on the roof.

It’s a touch screen which is a stupid idea for a moving vehicle. Tesla owners won’t agree I’m sure. I saw a Tesla today driving along with the windows open and some zoomer in the passenger seat with his arms waving out the window. I slowly drove past and glared at him. I guess the A/C has to go if it’s stinkin’ hot and your range is running out. It’s not raining at least. They’ll be fucked if they have to put the wipers on.

To change the subject I’ve wondered lately with all this tranny stuff, why someone hasn’t started up an organ bank to cater for this madness. If chicks are cutting off their tits and guys are cutting off their dick and balls, why can’t they donate them to one another? I’m serious. If people think that it’s perfectly sane to cut that shit off, why not put it to good use? One transwoman’s unwanted junk could make the dreams come true for a transman looking for an authentic cock and ball replacement. Think about it. It makes as much sense as anything else involving this aberration.

You simply cannot tell that this isn’t a real woman

From what I’ve been reading, a lot of young people are identifying as LGBTQ plus tax these days. “From what I’ve been reading”. I’ve been reading bullshit and lies most probably. I don’t actually believe any of it. I did see that Anthony Albanese has kindly donated 30 more $500, 000 Bushmaster vehicles to those plucky Ukranians to fight the evil Putin. They will surely achieve victory any day now. I think the US “government” just gave them another shit ton of $US as well. I don’t you about you, but I’m supremely tired of this whole “war” bullshit. I doubt that the majority of people would be interested in it continuing at all, if they are interested in it in the first place. People are getting very weary of the globalist/UN/WEF agenda. You can tell reading the comments on social media and news stories that actually allow comments.

Can’t afford to buy a house? Ukraine needs these, don’t be selfish

There’s a feeling in the air that something has to change. I’ve said it before, everything’s a lie, and people are starting to notice that things don’t add up. This is a wandering journal today. It’s Wednesday. I’ve still got more video editing to do. I’ve got a killer live version of one of my songs called “Bender” that I want to post on social media and Youtube, so I’m going to work on that as soon as I decide what’s for dinner. Is that okay?