Since I’ve stopped

watching the “news” in any form, sometimes for entertainment I look at the Craigslist postings. A couple of days ago this one caught my eye

An “absolute steal” eh? I don’t know about that. If you were planning on killing someone, and dismembering their body in a secluded place, it might fit the bill. The black cat is very creepy and the cat is in every picture. There are only three pics, so I’m posting all of them.

Here we have a side view of this camper with the cat. That’s about as close a look that you’re gonna get of this thing. There are zero pictures of the interior which, I should I be interested in purchasing this hellish looking object on wheels, I would definitely want to see. All we can discern is what looks like an old curtain hanging at a wonky angle off a window. Although there seems to be multiple A/C units on the roof, at the other end someone has cludged an old airconditioner into a window using particle board or four ply. That means it’s been stationary for years. It was someone’s home, parked for a long time, who knows where? It’s doubtful that where it is in the picture now, has been its permanent home for long. They are no signs at all that anyone has been occupying that location. The front entrance would show that. It also doesn’t look that roadworthy to me. I could imagine that window A/C falling off down the freeway, if a person tried towing it somewhere. Half of the picture is of the grass. Who ever took them doesn’t understand camera framing. They sure wanted that cat in the picture though. The camper looks dirty, and has an unpleasant look. Since there are no windows open, no fresh air has been circulating, and if it was like that in last month’s heatwave, it may be quite a fetid environment inside. The cat’s not helping much.

Of all the pictures, I think this one is my favorite. We’ve got another view of the camper this time from the back. It looks stranded in the weeds, tilted off to one side, like it’s been stuck there for decades. It may as well be sinking slowly into a bog for all we know, never to be seen again, like the cars that Norman Bates pushed into the lake in the movie Psycho. The window is covered over and the cat has an arched back and a demonic hook in it’s tail. The cat is scared of something, but what? The person taking the picture? A dog that we can’t see? It’s not an inviting scene. Off in the distance we can see what looks like a body of water through the trees. Where is this place? Dusk could be approaching, and it looks like the set for a movie (or an actual location) of backwoods hillbilly killers. This is where they carve up the bodies of lost hikers that they kidnapped, and then throw the peices into the river where the ‘gators dispose of the remains. There is no sign of civilization, no people, no buildings at all, and that cat looks fucking evil. It’s a steal, I tell ya!