Sir Mick Jagger

turns 80 today. It’s truly a milestone in the annuals of rock n roll. It’s what’s in store for all of us, if we don’t succumb to the ravages of time and the death cult of globalism. The story I was reading (he’s not the greatest rock and roll showman either btw..) about this said that his majesty Mick had caught “covid” last year and the Stones had to cancel one concert. That most probably means he got vaxxed. Anyone who is getting ‘covid’ in 2023 needs to realize that there was no such thing as covid in the first place. In my opinion what they have is vaccine induced ‘covid’. As we all should know the “safe and effective” vaccine doesn’t really stop you from getting so-called ‘covid’ if after being vaxxed and boosted, you keep getting re-infected with the thing you were never supposed to get after you took multiple jabs. If this wasn’t true, it would make a great scenario for a zombie horror movie, but tragically it’s much worse. It’s real.

Mick’s an old rich cunt. Keef’s a rich old cunt .. nice blokes though.

The media doesn’t care. They don’t even ask any pertinent questions about anything anymore. Healthy athletes under the age of 50 drop dead every week now, and it’s crickets from the establishment. It’s all war and climate change all the time. Here’s a game you can play. Turn on the TV news and see how long it takes before there is some mention of the ‘climate crisis’. That’s political new speak tailored to keep the sheep off guard at all times. All these crises. Now that a lot of people have woken up about ‘covid’, they need new distractions. Hence the “war in Ukraine”. I had to laugh yesterday when I heard the Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis saying that the reason for the wildfires there, was the ‘climate crisis’. There goes another globalist useful idiot I said to myself. Anyone talking about these imaginary things like they are real, is delusional at best, so should these people even be holding public office? There have been news reports that those fires in Greece were deliberately lit. (What’s the difference, it’s all climate change)

Kyriakos Mitsotakis – the fires were deliberately lit?.. no mate, no way

Yesterday I watched Australia’s very own useful globalist imbecile Anthony Albanese talking about things that aren’t real, and how we have to take measures to deal with these fantasy “problems”. He’s a moron. Albo should be trying to help Australians who are held hostage by greedy banks and their usury. The idea that people can’t get a 30 year fixed interest rate home loan down under, is almost beyond belief. What it effectively means is that you are are going to be enslaved by the bankers for as long as they like. It’s 30 plus year loan from hell because when your 3 or 5 year fixed rate loan expires they can fuck you anyway they like.

The government aids and abets this by raising interest rates as they are currently doing, to curb ‘inflation’, which they wouldn’t have if they hadn’t demonized the gas, coal, and oil industry, and stopped allowing foreign nationals to buy property, which drives the prices through the roof. Now these cretins want to bring in hundreds of thousands of non-white ‘immigrants’ from poor countries, with the full knowledge that there won’t be anywhere for them to live. It makes no sense unless your goal is to eventually change the entire racial and economic demographic of a country.

The horror – Sickening and disgusting’ said somebody who wasn’t white in Scotland. *

Everyone can see what’s happening in Europe and elsewhere. To ignore it is suicidal. Australia should have a world class standard of living but they don’t. Everyone’s wealth is tied up in their houses. “A 30 year mortgage is such a risk for the bank, that’s why they don’t offer it.” Oh cry me a fucking river……

*I’ve put a link below to this story from the BBC. It’s insanely malevolent towards a certain group of people.

This is the greatest rock and roll showman of all time.

Breaking News.. Sinead O’Connor dead at 56. News tomorrow.