Snow Day

It’s Friday Jan 6, and it’s snowing. The weather people said it would be light snow, but it ain’t. I had to put a tarp over my vehicle otherwise it would turn into an igloo by lunch time. The snow looks nice. I’m not really suited for this climate, or maybe I am? I don’t know at all really. Nothing much is going on today. Packing up the stuff I want to take back down south. It’s not a lot. I brought more with me than I’m taking back. Mostly things I might want to use, but if I forget I have them, I’ll not want to use them.

I could go ice skating today I suppose, but I don’t want to fall over and get wet. It’s a distinct possibility, because the snow will turn to rain after 2 pm (so they say). I don’t trust the weather forecasters any more than I trust the government. Looking at the news I see that Hillary Clinton has been hired as professor of practice at the School of International and Public Affairs and presidential fellow at Columbia World Projects. What is Columbia World Projects exactly? Their website tells us, “Columbia World Projects is a major, university-wide initiative that aims to forge a closer and more useful connection between Columbia University’s vast research capabilities and the needs of the world.”

That says nothing really, but if you dig deeper, it seems to be concerned with Progressive ideas such as Climate (of course!) Covid 19 (is this an ongoing thing now?) and something called “Democratic Renewal”, among other things. They put out a recent report outlining “the need to address the alarming erosion of trust in elections in the United States and the urgent threat this crisis of trust poses to democracy. The report finds that universities are well-placed to bolster trust in elections and must act to restore public trust in our electoral systems.”

Great, we can all relax about the election process now, Hillary and Columbia will make sure they are fair. There’s all manner of wokeness and progressivism contained on that website, so it’s pointless trying to regurgitate it all here. It’s a laundry list of ‘issues’ mostly revolving around ‘climate change’, covid 19 and perceived inequities in the world.

They also have something called The Obama Foundation. I have no idea what they do, because the landing page on the website is asking for a donation at the same time telling us how wonderful Obama was/is. I hope he realizes that with the rising seas that are being brought about through climate change, his 6,900-square-foot, seven bedroom, eight-and-a-half bathroom, beachside pad in Martha’s Vineyard will soon be under water.

Hillary will probably let him know..or not.

Happy Friday