So it’s Friday

again, and it’s all quiet on the street. The annoying people that used to park their cars out the front have either been evicted, or moved on to somewhere else. There has always a revolving door of miscreants living there from day one. I think on the first Christmas day at the Fortress someone was having a screaming argument with their significant “other”. The “other” was eventually hauled off in a police car. You get used to it. Last week another fight broke out between two individuals right out the front. I’m sitting in here trying to listen to music and this racket is infringing on my hearing. In the end they both drove off angrily. A “colorful” scene is how I would describe it.

I don’t care though. It gives me an urban edge I’m sure. If/when SHTF I’ll be ready. It could happen any time between now and 2024. Who knows what’s cooking? I certainly don’t. I’d probably just escape north. It would be the noise that would drive me away more than anything else. It’s Spring. All the leaves that are going to be on the trees are on them now. For the next three months, the planting and growing begins and before too long, and summer’s gone again. I have to say that I’m not a big fan of the hard edged four seasons as they are expressed in the North East. I’m used to a mild climate all year long, and while the ice and snow is cute sometimes, I don’t want to deal with it forever. We’ll see how long I can stand it. Never say never. I just don’t know.

The problem is knowing where to go. A gal that I know who plays drums, told me this morning that she loves Ocean City Maryland. I’ve been there too. She said the surf was good. Whilst I loved Orange Beach Alabama, the surf was non existent unless there were red or yellow flags present. Two red flags, and you can’t even go in. One red or one yellow, and there were reasonable waves. No flags would be monumentally boring. It would be like swimming in a bathtub, albeit a warm one. The water is warm down there. I’m not sure about Maryland even though I’ve been there. It’s a Blue (Democrat) state, and that usually means high taxes, government stupidity, and as of July 2022, they banned plastic bags. That’s a solid “no” for me. As everyone should be aware of now, the death cult that is progressivism doesn’t allow for nice things, or even practical, useful things. Everything must be sacrificed on the altar of climate change and racism, the two pillars of this crazy religion.

A good way to assess a place you want to move to, is to look at an official government press conference. If there is a person taking up a good part (or any) of the screen, waving their arms wildly about, then I don’t want to live there. It can only mean A. A very large proportion of the population is hearing impaired to the point that they need to read sign language, or B. they go out of their way to accommodate statistically what is 1% of the population, who probably use closed captioning anyway. It’s just another hallmark of the progressive milieu. The deaf people might hate me for saying this. Whatever, It’s my opinion. I don’t hate them, I just can’t abide the nonsensical hand gibberish. At least deaf people, if they do hate me will never have to listen to my music. They’re winning! All jokes aside, and to change the subject, Delta airlines finally delivered my new carry on bag. God knows how long it was sitting outside. They provided no tracking information whatsoever, so it was fortunate I was at home, and not in another state.

It’s a nice bag. Expensive. I really liked the old one, but they smashed the front part of it off. It limped around like a car with a flat tire. I’m beginning to like this one more, and I can’t wait to take it somewhere else now. Happy Friday!

Next week a local Melbourne radio station will broadcast a one hour segment I recorded couple of months ago about my musical career so far. I’ll put a link to it probably on Tuesday, when it goes to air.

Small Town USA. Still none of my favorites. It’s California. It’s the Desert.