Sometimes I wish

I could just post entire news stories here, instead of just talking about them. It would be easier and more entertaining, but it’s not that simple. I was just watching the evening “news” this morning, and a story came on about how the Victorian government, in what has to one of the more stupefyingly moronic decisions in HISTORY, (and there have been A LOT) have decided as of next year (which is less than six months away) gas for heating and cooking will not be allowed in any new construction of any kind. Given that Victoria is the state with the largest gas consumption, this seems like an ambitious goal. Not only that, these idiots want you to ditch your old gas appliances when they wear out, and switch to electricity. In fact, they will see to it that you probably won’t be able to buy anything new that uses gas to replace it, so the point is moot.

This coal plant in Yallourn supplies 20% of all Victoria’s electricity. They want to shut it in 2028 and build a a 350 MW battery facility… LMAO!

The New York governor has instigated a similar policy, and I’m sure there are many other places infected with this so- called fossil fuel phobia and mental illness, which are doing similar. In this particular news item we had a couple of government spokesmouths telling us why we should do this. The first one, an Italian lady said it was “something we had to do, and that it was a “journey”.” A journey to where, exactly? Saying that it’s a journey engenders that it’s a noble cause. It’s like the Odyssey.

This is an actual docta here. Your ignorami need to shut up and listen!

We’re all Greek kings on an epic journey home. and this is the part where we become Calypso’s lover and are promised immortality. The only difference here is that we’re sacrificing common sense for perpetual stupidity. The other character they thrust upon us was some crusty old geezer who barked at the camera that “gas was not a plentiful fuel, not a cheap fuel, and that it was a dirty fuel”, which is exactly the opposite of the truth. Welcome to government newspeak. Yes, the chocolate ration has gone up from 25 grams a week to 20 grams, praise Big Brother!

Calypso. I know what you’re thinking. Don’t be a transphobe.

Oh boy!….. I’ll leave that now. It would be nice if there was some political opposition to this insanity, but there seems to be none. After all, the human rights abusing, totalitarian Dan Andrews dictatorship was re elected recently. Victorians must just love being a punching bag, it’s that obvious. My sympathies lie with the ones that haven’t lost their minds, or who haven’t been able to shake the programming. I know what it’s like. It’s hard to get out of the lockstep of group think down there. One can only hope that the electric grid can cope with this enormous new demand for electricity.

Alarmist much? I hate the Anti Christ so much it’s unreal.

I’ll tell you two things for sure. 1. The grid won’t be able to deal with it, and 2. They haven’t even done any meaningful research to see if their radical plan is sustainable. (it isn’t) At the 11th hour, Victoria just thew in the towel on the Commonwealth Games. They even fucked that up. It’s a cunt of a place, but then it always has been. I can say that with authority because I spent a huge chunk of my life there, before moving to Sydney and now the USA. We’re not without major problems either. It’s not the people though. It’s the idiots that they elect. Maybe it is the people? There’s no real choice actually. Oh, and Victoria is a police state. I used to tell people here that it was a police state, and they’d look at me in disbelief. After their covid lockdown madness which made North Korea look like a more benevolent Sweden, they finally began to understand.

Happy Friday.

As Wylie Gustafson was the voice of Yahoo! The Ledge should be the voice of Global Warming.