Spring came

again this year as usual. It’s Thursday. It’s uncanny how Nature does what it has done for centuries. It’s almost as if people knew that the weather was going to change on a certain date and called it as such, it was so predictable. It’s like clockwork. I feel slightly queasy. I think I ate too much. Sometimes out of boredom, anxiety, or whatever we start stuffing ourselves with food. I wasn’t doing that per se, but it’s probably not a good idea to start eating a bowl of cereal at 8 o clock at night, which is what I did do. I wasn’t really hungry, rather I was bored. That’s why I’m writing this now (Wed night) instead of tomorrow, Thursday. It was a boring day. Trump didn’t get arrested. The Stock Market was down…again, and the only mildly exciting thing to happen was a large ship fell over in Scotland. That wasn’t even much good. All the cellphones in the world and no Scotsman had any video of it? What a disgrace.

Joseph Smith – founder of the Mormon Church

Tomorrow I should get my new cellphone. It’s an upgrade in as much as it’s a 2022 model, as opposed to the 2019 model I currently have. I don’t like spending money on these things. It’s just a phone, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I hate doing anything on it other than text people and make calls. The only other usefulness of it is that it can Bluetooth audio to the car stereo as long as you yell at it (the car robot) long and hard enough to connect. “Say a command”, Me: “Bluetooth Audio”.. “Bluetooth Audio, Say a Command” Me: “Play?” ….nothing…”Say a command, like play… or next track”. Me: (yelling) PLAY!!!! Maybe then it will play a song if you’re lucky. That’s not the phone’s problem though, it’s the dumb robot in the car that doesn’t understand simple words.The thing I hate about this phone’s storage settings is that I can’t simply delete a track right then and there. Oh no, I have to physically take the SD card out of the phone and put it in a desktop to do it there. Stoopid. Cellphones are the work of the devil, I have no doubt.

Baphomet – appears to be gender fluid.

What else? I still feel like I’ve eaten too much. It will be gone in the morning for sure. For years my morning breakfast consisted of coffee and a croissant. Years, decades even.. Now it’s a cup of tea and one slice of toast with marmalade. That’s all I can deal with first thing in the morning. I feel better for it. I keep reading about how people are fasting for days at a time for various health reasons. Longevity, weight loss, etc. I’ve only fasted a couple of times in my life. The one time I remember was with a Jewish guy I was working with somewhere. I don’t remember, probably some rag trade job. Anyway, he said that he was going to fast for a day. I don’t remember what the day was, but I decided to join him. It was pretty hard. I think we were both in our twenties. He said we could have fruit juice or something. I’m sure he was bending the rules somehow, but by the time the 24 hours was up, I was very happy to be able to have some food. I can’t imagine doing it for two or three days. When you go to sleep at night you’re mini fasting anyway aren’t you? That’s how breakfast got it’s name. Break – the- fast. Amirite?

James and Ellen White – co founders of the SDA….kids!

The other night I was watching a BBC show about Mormons and how they recruit young people from within the church to be missionaries. This particular group were located in the UK, and the cameras followed them around as they started into their ministries. I discovered that they aren’t allowed to drink coffee or tea. Alcohol and drugs, pre marital sex, homosexuality and it’s related perversions were totally off the table naturally, but coffee and tea? What the hell? They don’t have a problem with sugar though. It’s high fructose soda, cakes, sweets, you name it. They’re all over it like white on rice. Someone should tell them that sugar can be just as much a drug as caffeine. “The Lord hath commanded that a donut is good and holy (sheeit!), but no coffee can ever cleave unto it.” Ephesians 21:9 *

They all seemed a bit wacko, but within their own world I guess they all seemed normal to one another. My aunt was a Seventh Day Adventist, so I am fully aware of what a cult like this is like, from personal experience. The “Satan’s Day Adventists” as I like to affectionately call them, don’t eat meat, as well as coffee, tea and alcohol. It is a cult, although nobody in the church would countenance that idea for a second. There’s always a giant steel gate that shuts in front of anything that deviates from the tenents of the cult. Questioning any of it leaves you out in the cold, and there’s only one way back in. Total submission to the their way, which naturally is the only way.Thinking about this reminds me just how annoying these people can be. My position towards any of it is somewhere south of Flannery O’ Connor’s Hazel Motes character. I think he has a wise and thoughtful approach up until the self mutilation part, that is. I’m not going there.

I’m tired. The fasting begins now I suppose.

* there is no Ephesians 21:9 in the Bible, I invented it on the spot. However, out of curiosity I looked it up. Ephesians 2: 1- 9 is all about being saved. Verses 8 – 9 says this, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can brag about it.” It’s sung about in the clip at the bottom by the McGruders. That’s Rock n Roll, I don’t care what anyone says.