Summer got here

late this year. which is annoying, but then the past three years have been as annoying as fuck, so what else is new? I was at the gas station before, and the man in the truck next to me was complaining about the price of fuel. I told him that it’s called “Bidenomics” and he looked at me like I was insane. For those of you who don’t know, “Bidenomics” is a label that progressives have affixed to their fake president in a hopeless attempt to fool people into believing that Joe is a fiscal genius, and the economy is booming. Neither of these things are true, yet when Donald Trump was president, gas was sometimes below $2.50 a gallon in many places. Progressives love to hate Trump, but facts are facts. We also weren’t on the brink of World War Two, and the southern borders weren’t being over run to name a couple of things.

Trump is the worst ever, they will tell you. My response is “please tell me why?” I honestly want to know, because for the life of me, I can’t think of one thing that made him so terrible, especially compared to what is currently occupying the White House. The first one, which I always get from women is that “Trump was terrible to women, he’s a misogynist.” That goes way back to before Trump was even elected, when one of the networks unearthed a segment, which was never meant to be aired, from a TV show, where Trump says something to the effect of, “Women will let you grab them by the pussy if they really like you.”

This was the worst thing any man could say apparently, and it is lodged in many female brains like a fallen tree over a stream, collecting all manner of emotional debris in its path. The other thing I hear is that Trump is a crook. There isn’t any evidence given to back this up mind you, but because Rachel Maddow and/or Morning Joe said it on MSNBC, it must be true. Trump’s obviously a crook, he’s been arrested, indicted multiple times, impeached and had his State of the Union address torn up behind his back by none other than that highly respected and revered elder of the Congress, Nancy Pelosi. He must be bad for Nancy to do that. Trump’s not even worthy to deliver any message of that kind to the people who voted him into office! It’s insane of course, but Progressivism being the death cult that it is, gets it’s life force from these things. You can recite these actual facts to people as long as you like, and it doesn’t even penetrate the brain.

I know that there’s little I can do to undo the programming that is going on in people’s heads. It’s been there a very long time, and I think it’s probably part of the DNA now. Talking to some people is like talking to a brick wall. We’ve all experienced it. I don’t hate anyone because of though. I know where it’s coming from. Since I stopped watching all forms of news media about two weeks ago, I feel a lot better. My head is clearer, and I’m less wound up about things. Most of the stuff that is called “news” is toxic garbage designed to put your head in a tumble dryer. Even though I know that what I’m watching is bullshit most of the time, I’m still subjecting myself to the experience of seeing these people telling me things that would never be said if we lived in a world that wasn’t being run by mentally ill people with a malevolence that is as disturbing as it is puzzling.

I’m not interested in the psyop any more. The more you know that almost everything that “they” tell you is a lie, the less you want to hear about it. I don’t want an open sewer running though my head any more.

On the weekend I recorded a bunch of tunes with the band to upload to youtube. It’s not too bad. Most of the cameras worked, and more importantly, the multi track captured everything, which means that I can go back and tweak a few mistakes that I made. I know I’m the lead singer and guitarist, and I’m supposed to be perfect all the time, but sometimes I’m not. If this was a live show in real time, you would hear some of those clangers (there aren’t many), but since this is a live performance at my place, I can present an illusion that it is in real time, and also that it’s seamlessly perfect. Nobody cares anyway. I like mistakes sometimes, so maybe I’ll leave some of them in for authenticity. What am I even talking about? It’s going to be 90 deg F (32 C) today, tomorrow and the next day. At least it’s not raining.