Sometimes I don’t feel like writing here, but it’s like working out. You have to keep going if you are serious about staying fit. In this case ‘fit’ for what? I think I started this journal in the depths of the ‘pandemic’ just to keep sane. Things were rapidly going to hell, and I won’t forget what the government, media and the lunatic NPC’s in society tried to do to us. By ‘us’ I mean the sane people who realized fairly quickly that something was wrong with this picture.

Things still ain’t right by a long shot. The government is still pushing the deadly gene therapy ‘vaccines’ on everyone, and now they’re talking about vaccinating cattle with it. That’s actual cattle, not the human variety. Insane psychopaths are still largely in control of things. I can’t see and end to it, so what to do? I don’t know really, and that’s something that is disturbing. Elections don’t seem to matter anymore. If the communists (the left) can steal elections with impunity, who’s going to stop it? This is why the 2024 elections are going to be so interesting. Everyone seems to not want Trump to run again, but disregarding those who never wanted Trump at all, you have to wonder why someone who voted for him, and then had their vote nullified by the massive cheating that went on, wouldn’t want justice restored in this case.

If Trump legitimately won in 2020, and the election was stolen then a crime has been committed, restitution must be made and the thieves punished. If we’re all going to just forget about it and move on to someone else then we don’t actually have a republic any more. The United States has ceased to exist. It’s effectively a communist country, so why even vote at all? The media have happily moved on, in fact have happily gas lit everyone that everything was Kosher.

It’s a boring topic, but one that the Legacy media keep harping on. Anyone but Trump, he’s a loser etc etc. Who is it gonna be? De Santis? If he runs and the exact same thing happens, (ie a stolen election) what will be the point?

What’s just happened now is that my finger hit a part of the keyboard which has caused the page I’m working on to take up the whole fucking screen. I’ve lost my train of thought. The Thursday street sweeper, who does the other side of the street, is right outside the place, running his machine backwards and forwards in the one spot. What is he trying to remove, a dead cow? I don’t know how to get out of this fucking full screen mode. Fuck! “esc” doesn’t work. I guess I could just hit random tabs and keys until it works. Ok, If I point the mouse right at the top of the page, it reveals the tabs on the browser. Fuck this.. Mr Sweeper has finally moved away, and now I’m gonna do the same thing for today. At least I wrote something.