January 20. On the heels of Jeff Beck, David Crosby has passed away at 82. People are saying he was vaxxecuted, but by the look of him, it was a miracle he was alive at all. The Daily mail had a story about him yesterday and it contained a video of Crosby endorsing Biden for president, “because he, (Crosby) believes in Democracy”. It’s a joke. These guys will never get it, they’ve always been proto-communists on the verge of turbo communists, yet they have enjoyed all the benefits of capitalism. CSN &Y made some really good albums, but their politics always stank. Speaking of Joe Biden, he seems to be in the process of having has ass handed to him by his own party. They don’t want this idiot running in 2024, so it’s imperative to get him out of the way for that. If they install Harris, that would probably make it worse, but let’s not forget these are A very stupid people and B steal elections so it doesn’t matter what you think, or more importantly, who you vote for.

The system is a pile of shit, but thankfully people are waking up a little. They now know they can’t trust the government, so that’s a start. As we said yesterday Saint Greta has pilgrimed herself to Davos to lecture the adults about ‘climate change’. Greta has lost her youthful innocent look though, and is morphing into a lumpen miniature troll like figure. All that’s missing is the pink hair. She was arrested by the German police on Tuesday, but was quickly released. She went back to the protest again later, tweeting “Climate protection is not a crime.” It’s worth noting that these imbeciles are protesting the expansion of a coal mine. Now that Russia can’t or won’t supply Germany with the natural gas that they need to stay alive in winter, a coal mine would make a lot of sense. The dumbshits that comprise this band of climate fools, apparently aren’t aware of a couple of things. One of which is that coal isn’t a ‘fossil fuel” and C02 is a trace gas that nature makes in abundance, and which has very little affect on the atmosphere. You cain’t fyx stoopid though.

On this front here at the Fortress, I have replaced the motherboard on my audio PC. It seem to work, but I have yet to hook everything up and try making a recording. It’s quite a distance from here to there, but I have all expectation that it will work. I’ll let you know. A while ago I did a cover version of Crosby’s “Almost Cut My Hair”. I’ve been looking for it for a while, and creepily I found it two days ago. I’ll post it here below. Happy Friday.

Almost cut my f%*$#%n’ Hair