The 20

It’s Thursday Jan 5. It looks like we have at least 20 honest politicians left in Congress in Washington. The rest can probably be classified as the swamp. I don’t know who is in the Senate apart from Mitch McConnell, and he’s happily swimming around in that sewer with the rest of the rats, rubbing it in everyone’s face now with photo ops with Joe Bidet. Today we’ll have another round of votes for speaker, and we’ll see what happens. I have no idea, but this is all good because we now know that there are some people who haven’t been bought and sold by the Uniparty.

Over at the BBC last night on Frozen Planet, David Attenborough was telling us that some of the monkeys and birds in the frozen parts of the planet were turning gay because guessed it…Climate Change. They really have no shame these people. The show would be perfect if they left their religion out of it, but they can’t help themselves. Taxpayer money funds these projects and then poisons the well with Progressive propaganda. It’s all so tiresome. If climate change is causing monkeys to be gay, what caused humans to do the same thing? It can’t have been climate change, and if climate change is disturbing the balance of nature causing gayness in monkeys, then gayness must by definition be unnatural behavior, right? Someone needs to unwind this for us plebs and non-scientists who don’t have the mental capacity to understand such things.

Speaking of transgenderism, over at the ABC Australia, there was a program about smoking habits. Down Under a pack of cigs is $50, but that hasn’t deterred people from smoking. Even though the pack comes with pictures of lung cancer and other hideously offensive images, people still want to smoke. What does the tranny thing have to do with this you might ask? Well…in this report they did a number of surveys about smoking and one of the ‘groups’ surveyed were transgender people. I don’t remember how many transgender people had stopped, started or never smoked in the survey, but that’s not the point.

So, let’s say, and I’m being generous here, the transgender community is 1% of the population. Why include them in such a survey? The answer is obvious, the ABC wants it to appear that this section of the community is larger than it really is. I’ll let you decide what their motivation for that is. All day long the hapless sheep are fed this garbage. It’s never ending. Dr Kerryn Phelps, a well-known media figure, and former head of the Australian Medical Association gave a submission to a senate commission on ‘Long Covid’ a couple of weeks ago claiming that she and her wife had suffered debilitating side effects from the vaccines. Did the ABC report on any of this? Of course not. If you want to read a truly mind-bending report about this, there is Daily Mail article about it which breaks new ground in cognitive dissonance reporting.

TL;DR “However, she still strongly supports Covid vaccination as the benefits far outweighed the risks for the vast majority of people.”