The Ballad of Mrs N.

It’s the shortest day of the year. I recorded a song which was kind of about it, but I’ll post it at the bottom of the page, and you can make up your own mind about it. I was just going to type out the lyrics here (actually copy and paste them) because I had already typed them out and saved them somewhere but couldn’t find the file, and I couldn’t be bothered to do it all again. So in short, no lyrics, and I have to actually write something here. Boring…. I was looking the Twitter and people were commenting on Zelenskyy’s (two zzs) visit to DC. Anyone would think this guy was some kind of super hero, by some of the utterly insane Twitter posts. The Statue of Liberty holding a Ukranian flag, really?? You’ve got to be shitting me. This guy gets billions in US aid from Congress and nobody fucking asked anyone whose money it is, if they thought it was a good idea. Now they’re giving this grifter Patriot missiles to fire into the Russian mainland. These people are fucking mad. Do they want to start World War Three? Convince me I’m wrong.

I finally got my music software to work. I actually started using a new app. The other one had worked flawlessly for years, but just recently it’s gone on the fritz, never to be resuscitated it would seem. It’s actually a good idea to use something different, one doesn’t want to be stuck in some kind of rigid plane of musical creative software. I’ve used the ‘new’ one before, years ago, but it’s a lot better now. Nobody really cares about this though. It’s boring. To change the subject, the shortest day of the year was sunny and pleasant. It’s also the first day of winter. Oh no, I just heard a dropout on the track I was listening to. I think there are poltergeists in the software. No…really. Fuck them though, I’ll win in the end. Begone devils… There are demons all over the place these days. How else can one explain the utterly demonic insane things that we’ve seen in the past three years? Nobody can say this is normal.

What’s happening is that the crazier things get, the more it absorbed into the collective consciousness as being ‘normal’. Nothing is normal at the moment. It hasn’t been normal since 2019. I feel fine though. If it is clown world, then it’s entertaining at least. How boring it must have been to live in middle of the last century, where nothing much changed at all. Now it’s as if aliens walk among us. Actual space creatures. I don’t know where some of these ‘people’ come from. They certainly don’t seem to act human.

I’m too distracted to write coherently about anything serious right now. I’m trying to listen to this Xmas show that was recorded on the weekend. It sounds pretty good, but I need to tidy up a few things before it gets out to the public. Let’s wrap up today’s rambling episode….. Below is the Youtube video of the Ballad of Mrs N, the song that was released in 2005 by Capital Expressway back in San Francisco. Mrs N was a neighbor, and she definitely wasn’t a Nazi, although I think she might have been German. She seemed a bit overbearing, that’s how she got that name. I never really got to talk to her much, so I have no idea what she was really like. Not a Nazi for sure though, it’s poetic license.

The song was recorded as a stream of consciousness. (as if you couldn’t tell) There are no edits or re-recording. That’s how it went down… My apologies..