The hoarding

It’s Tuesday December 27, so only a few days left of this year of Clown World 2022. Remember that 99.9% of the people you see on Legacy media are mentally disturbed, so don’t let that be the thing that informs you about anything important. As we’ve seen since Elon Musk took over Twitter and exposed the corruption and rot that was the underlying foundation of that platform, the government agencies that are supposed to work for the people, work instead for progressives and globalists. The ‘people’ come a distant last, in fact the ‘people’ are muzzled in every way possible unless they walk the road of the mentally disordered. That’s the world of the TV and the Press. They are all, pretty much without exception, functionally mentally ill and don’t you forget it.

I’ve been trying to get rid of some of the junk that’s cluttering up the very small room where I sometimes edit videos. It’s a pigsty, but at least I’ve started on it. Now that I have a distant barn in another state I can schlep it all up there and forget about it. Although the Fortress is rather large with 18 rooms inside of 4700 square feet, there’s just not enough space for junk. I hate the basement, it’s something I try not to think about. Who needs all this shit? I don’t, but than maybe there’s something that I might need, and if I throw it out, I’ll be trying to find a replacement. I brought about 3 ancient Betamax video machines from Australia, but I threw them all away in California. I’ve still got the tapes that play in them, but nothing to play them in. I failed to think that through successfully.

What’s on the tapes, you might ask? I’ve forgotten actually. I know there’s at least one radio show by some dude who is no longer with us. In the mid 90’s I was managing a community radio station, and this was a recording that one of the announcers had made. I think his show was an overnighter so he had prerecorded it so he could get some sleep instead of being at the radio station all night. Maybe his relatives might want to hear it? Not much chance of that now. I just had a look in the box where I thought that tape was, and it’s not there, so it’s probably already gone north.

Imagine how much of this shit is going to be lying around in the next 100 years. As the Boomer generation ages out and start to leave all their hoarded belongings behind, there will be mountains of tapes and digitally saved pictures and other stuff. A fun pastime would be going to estate sales and hunting down old CD roms, hard drives and usb and sd cards to see what’s on them. Just like today, you might come across a cache of slides that belonged to someone in the 50’s or 60’s, soon if not already, some families will be selling grandpa’s old computer gear, containing 44.9 gigs of choice porn, among other things.

Oh, I don’t know where I’m going with all this. Don’t hoard stuff, it’s a modern day malaise. We hoard stuff because we can. We’ve got the room, unlike people in the past who had fewer possessions, and most of them were utilitarian items that were used in daily life. For example, I’ve still got my grandmother’s old rolling pin. I used it about a week ago. Glad I didn’t throw it out.