The street sweeper

came by today. I think there was a lone car parked on the wrong side of the road, and guess where it was? Right outside of my place. Actually I just went outside to look and there are two cars. Must be new arrivals. Welcome to the neighborhood, they both have fines on their windshields now. It pays to read street signs. I have an indoor garage so I don’t have to be concerned with these things. This what I talk about now when I’m not talking about politics.

On the weekend I cut back some huge over hanging branches that were spilling over onto the side walk. I rarely do any garden maintenance here any more. The other place is acres and acres of work. It’s all too much, I just wanna play guitar and sing! About five years ago I planted a nectarine tree here in the front yard. Every year the squirrels or the birds or something would eat the fruit before it had a chance to ripen. This week it was discovered to have multiple fruit, which up until now has remained intact. I’d almost forgotten about this tree, it was such a disappointment, but it’s fully loaded this year. I think the branches are too slender to allow the squirrels any leverage. That’s why it hasn’t been stripped like it usually is.

The G88 Squirrel Destructervator

I hate squirrels. They’re destructive pests. They need to realize that I can legally ‘take’ them by what ever means. When they start chewing your back porch into oblivion, it’s not something you want. Enough talk about this stuff. I’m starting to chew my own porch out of boredom, but I have to talk about something, so I just write garbage until something comes up from the deep. Speaking of which, yesterday I saw a video of a Russian man in Egypt getting eaten by a shark. Whoever was filming it on their phone kept saying “Oh my Gott”, over and over. It was quite graphic. I usually have to turn the sound off because almost every Tiktok type video where there is some kind of disaster or altercation, has a sonic background of what could be described as feeding time in the primate enclosure. These fucking social media apps should be banned, except how are we going to witness the total collapse of civilization in real time other than this?

It’s a two edged sword I know. I shouldn’t, but I’m gonna look at the news…iphones are taking infrared pictures of your face every five seconds? Sounds creepy, but there’s some dude in the story who tells everyone that it’s perfectly normal and ok. Forgettaboutit already, take another Ambien. How many Americans are on psychotropic medications? That’s a good question. I looked it up. The results are interesting, if not alarming. I’ll put a link here to the article, but the number of people on all, or any psychiatric drugs is this..

All Ages — 76,940,157

          0-1 Years — 85,003
          2-3 Years — 138,822
4-5 Years — 215,120
          6-12 Years — 2,652,554
          13-17 Years — 3,188,966
          18-24 Years — 5,535,171
          25-44 Years — 20,455,212
          45-64 Years — 25,202,893
          65 Years + — 19,114,040

I have to make note of this one too.

Number of Mood Stabilizers that kids under 12 are taking.

0-1 Years — 21,593
2-3 Years — 36,986
4-5 Years — 50,206
6-12 Years — 289,262

Fuck me. Notice how the older the children get, more and more they need to be ‘controlled’? Almost seventy seven million people in this country are on some kind of mind bending dope. That’s almost a third of the population! If that’s not disturbing I don’t know what is. One in three people are on this stuff. This survey was from 2020, so it’s probably more now. 85 thousand children under the age of one? Good grief. No wonder people can’t think straight. It’s appalling. I have no doubt that in many of these cases, the use of drugs can be helpful, and I’m not against them per se, but this seems like over prescribing and a band aid to cover problems, many of which could be remedied through diet, exercise and some positive lifestyle changes. I’m not a doctor, but common sense isn’t very common any more. That’s one of the reasons this is happening. School kids now are being routinely prescribed with psychotropic drugs to control them. When I was in primary school, almost everyone in my class would qualify… It’s called being a kid when the lessons are boring as shit, the teachers are stupid and dull, and you want to be outside playing and being healthy…… Also follow the money..

Beach Party – watch out for sharks