The sun is out,

and I’m determined to not talk about politics this morning. The only thing I will say is that the top story on the ABC fake news show, aka “the news” was that “Monday was the hottest day ever on record”. How do we know this? Well, apparently a group of “scientists” from all over the world (I’m quoting what I actually heard here) got together and looked at the data and decided that it was the hottest day ever. Also, the World Meteorological Organization (part of the UN..I’m shocked I tell ya) said it was absolutely true, real, fair dinkum, etc etc, and we should all start to panic over it. Bear in mind, this utter nonsensical, junk scientific “news” is the top story here. Alarmism much? This has nothing whatsoever to do with that it has been reported* that the UN, the WEF and others intend to use a carbon footprint based social credit system to track and restrict every minute detail of your life, to fix the imaginary “climate emergency”.

It’s so fucking stupid, and it would be funny if it wasn’t so detrimental to actual science and scientists. This is what passes for news Down Under, and it passes as much an obese “transwoman” with a visible erection, in a ladies bathroom, taking photos with a cellphone. That was something that was reported elsewhere on an actual news platform several days ago, complete with photographic evidence. Try looking for it on “the google”. You won’t find it.

Gaslighting is a horrible way to treat the taxpayer, but a lot of the sheep are used to it now. They’ll tell you it’s people like me that are the problem. They’re right, you know, but not in the way that they think. Oh dear, what can I talk about? I’m going to go to the post office today or tomorrow to pick up something I bought on Fleabay. It’s a vocal gate, or more specifically a DBX AFS2 Dual Channel Advanced DSP Suppression Processor. It’s an electronic box designed to cut out feedback.

The literature says that “it protects your ears and audio equipment from annoying and potentially damaging audio feedback without altering your sound”. If it works it will be great, but my experience with some of these things is that they promise a lot, but deliver less than expected. I need this thing because a lot of the time I can’t hear my own singing in the band room at the Fortress. It’s my own fault for playing too loud, but I like it loud. I like it so loud that I can feel the sound waves coming out of the guitar cabinet. My hearing has undoubtedly suffered because of this, but it’s quite addictive.

The AFS2. Fancy lights and switches, but does it work?

What can I do? I’ve gone too far to turn back now. Hopefully the AFS2 will allow me to turn up the vocal PA system loud enough so that I can hear me, and not howling feedback. I’ll let you know. You can go on Youtube and watch demonstrations of everything now. I watched some videos of the AFS2, but they were inconclusive. A lot of Youtube videos are like that. A lot of them are a total fucking waste of time. The guys demoing guitars are some of the worst. They all play the same shitty licks a million miles an hour. It’s horrible. Their sounds are horrible, their “studios” are horrible. Their videos are boring. They dress like clowns etc etc.

Unboxing the new Peavey clown’s axe

Youtube can be a fun place though. I just wish they would stop asking me if I want to pay for a Youtube subscription. It used to be free…fuck that. Why, in God’s name would I want to pay money to a bunch of people (google) who actively block, censor and shadowban free speech? It’s the same thing with Cable TV. Why would I pay money to watch a bunch of channels with mostly repugnant advertising in between the programs? Why???? A lot people agree. They are reaching the stage where they can’t give it a away. Every week I get some kind of email saying I have an “upgrade” offer. 254 channels for only $29.95 a month. Brandon, you couldn’t pay me to watch that garbage.

* The UN wants to take over your life

Carbon footprint tracker – WEF