The wind

is blowing through the cracks in the poorly maintained windows in this joint. It’s Wed March 8. I know what it’s like living in a drafty castle. The windows are closed, but the wind blows underneath the window sill and through the small holes between the bricks and the wood. Because this place is basically a tall skinny building, (as you can see on the front page of this website) when the wind is blowing hard, it passes right through anything in it’s way. Most of the windows are ok, but some on the north side of the house are a bit loose. Not only that, there are three layers of brick, so it’s over built to today’s standards. It’s where the window goes into the brick is where the problem is. Jesus can’t come back soon enough in my opinion.

I briefly watched the BBC afternoon news this morning. By the time I get up it’s 1 pm in the UK. I can’t remember if there was crazy talk or not. I know there was last night. More to do with the migrants. That’s right, this morning the UN had weighed in criticizing the UK government for not wanting to be continually invaded. More crazy talk. I said yesterday that 45 k people had arrived last week. It was actually 45k last year, but nevertheless these aren’t asylum seekers. They are economic refugees and just flat out invaders who are there for the free stuff. People really should start to begin to understand that the United Nations does not work for them, does not represent them, and actively works to destabilize western countries and bankrupt them in every way they can. Many people have said the UN is the Anti-Christ. If it isn’t, it’s doing a fabulous job as a proxy for one.

Trotsky – loves the thought that Adam Bandt loves the thought of him.

It’s all so tiresome. There is trouble all over the world. A lot of it caused by UN interference. For example on Friday, convoys of tractors brought traffic in Brussels to a halt as thousands of Belgian farmers protested the Flemish regional government’s plans to limit nitrogen emissions from agriculture. This is a direct result of the demonic climate change cult that the UN invented to destroy the West financially. The numbnuts in Australia have signed up to the Paris Accord money laundering scheme, where wealthy western nations agree to pay reparations to mitigate something that doesn’t exist. These people aren’t fit to hold public office. They’ve lost the plot. They never had it in the first place. Did Anthony Albanese ask anyone if they were ok with this? Nobody gets asked, but these idiots willingly voted for people who they knew were going to implement these things. The jokes on them, but these are also the same ignorant shit heads who demanded everyone get poisoned with untested gene therapy and locked in their houses for weeks on end. They’re fucking domestic terrorists. A menace to civilization.

The main drivers of this lunacy are the Green Party, who are nothing other than Chardonnay Communist filth. The inner city dumb fucks who vote for this human garbage imagine, in their half witted barely sentient, dullness that low iq degenerates like Adam Bandt actually have their interests at heart. Communists don’t have a heart. They are soulless, godless followers of Karl Marx. Bandt’s wikipedia page says thus.. “At Murdoch University, Bandt was a student activist and member of the Left Alliance During university, he stated he was inspired by the thought of Leon Trotsky. (what does that even mean?)

Bandt – Loves the thought of the Green New Deal which is designed to destroy the West

Adam Bandt, the leader of the Green Party, in my opinion is an unpleasant looking communist bum, and a dangerous ideologue who promotes non provable junk science theories to the detriment of the people he claims to represent. Inner city Melbourne thinks he’s great though, who am I to say otherwise?

Meanwhile back in Canberra, the clowns of the same failed progressive/leftist/communist cabal of hopelessly wrong headed fools, continue to send money to Ukraine. Yet another money laundering scheme, while continually gas lighting everyone at taxpayer expense via their official propaganda arm the ABC, that there is a cost of living crisis, an energy crisis, a pandemic, a coming war with China, or some other made up bullshit to further their insatiable desire to control and subjugate everyone (including themselves) at the bidding of the precious UN. Again….fuck these people.

Today’s music is my tribute to another politician, Peter Garret from Midnight Oil. I don’t think he is in politics (as a sitting member at least) any more, but he served 9 years for Labor, mostly as Environmental minister. (with the emphasis on mental)