There has been a lot

of talk about politics lately. Today the New Hampshire Republican primary is being contested between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. I’m not going to talk about it much, suffice to say that if the “media” tell you something, the opposite is probably true. If they say “Donald Trump is a threat to Democracy”, it’s coming out of the mouths of people who have been gaslighting you for the past three and a half years that the 2020 election was won fair and square by Joe Biden. This morning I heard someone on Morning Joe accusing Trump of trying the unsuccessfully steal the 2020 election. I almost spat out my tea. I have no doubt that the “media” is a repository of mental illness. It is beyond dispute now. It’s an open air asylum where actors sit within elaborate sets and continually utter things that defy belief, commonsense, logic, reason and most of all, reality.


I know that there are millions of people who would read what I just said and say that I was delusional and crazy. Some of them are friends of mine, but that doesn’t alter facts. George Soros’ son said at Davos last week that “people have their own truths”. Of course truth is subjective and malleable to Progressives, just like men can become actual women and everyone’s the same.Truth isn’t facts any more, it’s what you believe it to be. The facts (truth) don’t matter, and you’re a bad person if you think otherwise. Just as during the fake pandemic, people who had done some research and were paying attention to what was being spoon fed to the masses by the “usual suspects”, were telling others that the “vaccines” were not what the experts said they were. Maybe you didn’t need one since the survival rate without the magic vaccine was at worst 95%. So it is with this “Trump is a danger” narrative. The opposite of what they’re telling you is true. Saul Alinsky was a Marxist who wrote a book called Rules For Radicals. The “media” employs these tactics every single day.

As you can see there are a couple of “rules” like the last two on that list that have been used very effectively recently. There is a whole page of his quotes here. It’s a real eye opener. After reading some of this stuff, you can clearly see what’s going on, and why the world is in such a dreadful state. That’s what these people want. Foolishly, the same dumb people who follow the insane doctrine contained within the pages of Rules For Radicals and other Marxist tracts, fail to grasp that by no means in any way is it designed to help anyone. It is a blueprint for chaos and misery.

Carmel California. I’ve never seen so many “art gallery stores” with such expensive garbage in them in my life.

These “radicals” are just pawns in Alinsky’s and other Marxist’s demented plan of destruction. It doesn’t help anyone. It’s a path to destruction. On June 12, 1972, three months after the publication of a Playboy interview, Alinsky died from a heart attack after a visit to his bank. He lived in Carmel, California, he was 63. Carmel today is one of the wealthiest areas in California. Quite befitting. Truly a hero of the the common man was he. Rules For Radical is a perfect bible for the death cult of Progessivism, I’m sure Carmel has an abundance of them. It and the surrounding areas are 100% Blue, as is the entire California West Coast.