There’s bits of

computers all over the room. It’s like a cannibal festival of old PCs. It’s out of control, but rather than spend three grand buying a new desktop, I’m going to spend $500 and build my own. This motherboard seems fucked though, and I’m gonna have to send it back. Before I bought it, the reviews said it was great. It’s only after it doesn’t work, that I see that there are common problems. The more complicated stuff becomes, the fussier it is. My 69 year old Farmall tractor starts up every time and doesn’t give a fuck, while this fancy motherboard can’t even get to a post without insanely beeping 500 different ways. I know this is boring shit to be talking about, but it’s what’s occupying me this morning. I even drove over the river to Best Buy to get a new power supply. The fucking motherboard still doesn’t work. The PSU cost me $126 plus tax. I hate paying New York sales tax too. I would have stopped at the Indian grocery as well, but I can’t go back there after I told the guy that if he insisted on mandatory mask wearing, I wouldn’t come back again. I still see the sheeple in their masks though. Driving alone in their sheep mobiles. The fucking masks don’t work, have never worked, and will never work, but you simply can’t get through to some people.

I should really have called the Geek Squad

The best thing to happen in this world at the moment would be a nuclear winter. I don’t care any more. Yes, an election is looming. Things are getting cheaper all of a sudden. It’s magic. Kind of how Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential race. Magic. All the Middle East stuff is as boring as hell, but it doesn’t concern me. I don’t know why Fox News thinks I should be in any way interested in it. I didn’t watch any news this morning. The downstairs area is a somewhat of a Faraday cage, so a lot of the time the wifi doesn’t work. The last thing I saw on TV was the same as everything else I saw two weeks ago. Garbage.

A Bald Eagle? The woke idiots running the bird society should rename this magnificent creature

Here’s a good story to make you want to throw up. The American Ornithological Society said Wednesday it will change the all English bird names currently named after people in its jurisdiction. The renaming begins in 2024 and the AOS said it’s being done to change naming conventions clouded by racism and misogyny. “”Names have power and power can be for the good or it can be for the bad,” says Colleen Handel, the society’s president and a research wildlife biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Alaska. “We want these names to be powerful in a really good way.”

Colleen Handel thinks it’s funny. It’s not.

The absolute state of the world. Where’s that nuclear winter when we need it? These fuckers are concerned with this “bird names are racist” garbage? What they really are doing is trying to obliterate history, and particularly White history. You’re not fooling anyone with your Cultural Marxist bullshit. No surprise that they are concerned about “climate change” as well as their core belief in “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging and Justice” (DEIBJ). Another venerable institution being dismembered by woke stupidity….. Unfortunately you can’t boycott the Bird Society, but you can stop giving them money. I hope the negative blow back from this is significant. It should be. The absolute state of the fucking world. Where’s that nuclear winter when we need it?

*Update I did some more research on this insanity and discovered that it is largely being driven by these people..

Here is a sample of what they’re on about “Bird Names For Birds—both the initiative and the actual bird names—will not end racism. (because it has nothing to do with it?) It won’t even end all of the EDI problems within the bird community. However, it is one step. It is one problem that the bird community can be self-aware of, acknowledge, and rectify.” 

The people who run this website are all woke, pronoun tards of course, but I won’t name and shame them here. You can check it out for yourself if you can stand it.