This morning

I went out to the supermarket and realized that I didn’t have my phone. There was almost a feeling of panic, but then 30 years ago nobody had a fucking phone to take anywhere with them. People actually went out of the house without their electronic ankle bracelets, and didn’t have a feeling of dread. This means that there are 30 year olds today who haven’t known a world without cellphones. They couldn’t possibly imagine a world without them. Even illegal alien invaders all have cellphones now. They sleep with them on their chests. I just saw a video of that where an entire Chicago police station had been turned into a sanctuary for these people. Where are they all supposed to go?

Progressives in their natural habitat, destroying civilization.

Today I’m waiting for a delivery of Indian food products. There is a certain brand of chutney that I like, and it seems like it’s only available online. The guy I used to buy it from doesn’t welcome me into his store anymore because I told him his mask mandate wasn’t necessary. This was last year I think. It’s over, but he still imagines that a piece of filthy cloth is going to protect him from “covid” aka the flu. I said I wasn’t coming back to his store if I had to wear a mask, and I haven’t. Fuck him, he’s a moron. I do like Indian food though, and I try and make my own. The hardest part is getting the spices and putting them all together. Thankfully, there are manufacturers in India who make the sauces that you just throw in with your meats and vegetables and it’s almost as good as the real thing.

I didn’t see Hitler ice cream cones available for order, but then I didn’t really want any.

I went online to order the chutney on Monday, and found out I could get free shipping if I spent $100. I was going to spend about $25, but I decided to just keep adding things to my order. I’ve forgotten what I ordered, but I’m sure I’ll use it all eventually. It’s all those ready made instant meals that I crave from time to time. You can see how exciting it is around here. It’s snowing again today, but we’re really back to the normal January weather, so it should be expected. Now I’m talking about the fucking weather.

Green Day. So fuckin’ punk and edgy……not.

Apparently punk’s version of the Monkees, Green Day have made a new album, which like everything else they’ve ever done, is shit. Talk about record company corporate weasels, Green Day are the poster rats for it. In a New Year’s Eve performance they altered the lyrics to one of their shitty songs to reference the “Maga Cult”, which they said they didn’t want to be a part of. Elon Musk responded that Green Day had “gone from raging against the machine to milquetoastedly raging for it,” This is what every fucking band is like now. They’re all a part of the Progressive death march. We saw that during the fake pandemic. These idiots were shilling for the MRna gene therapy that’s killed millions of people. The good news is that they probably followed their own (bad) advice and took it themselves. They were all in on masks and vaxxes and the rest of the retarded bullshit that went with it. Do you want to see the Foo Fighters?” We’ll you’d better have a vax certificate or you can fuck off.

You know what? They can fuck off instead.

Happy Friday.

Oh, we did actually get to 200 views at 10 minutes to midnight last night as I requested yesterday. Thank you. It’s not much but it’s a start.

Fucking Shit Day wishes they could be the Sex Pistols.