This morning’s

unfortunate version of the BBC’s breakfast show, Feb 10, sank to new lows, that I hadn’t thought possible. The Ukranian president had apparently visited the UK on a begging mission for fighter jets, cash, and any old gold and jewellery that might be lying about. There was footage of the meeting of the manlets, and it started off with the Indian prime minister hugging the grubby looking man in the his casual Friday army casual outfit. This was quickly followed a spectacle worthy of a Papal visit. We saw some people in what appeared to be Halloween costumes walking into a chamber which seemed to be filled to the brim with every politician in the UK. Up on the podium there were three chairs. For a moment I thought King Charles was going to waltz in and sit down, but no, it was all a show for Zelenskyy. One of the Halloween cats was the speaker of the UK parliament house of commons. A repulsive and unpleasant man named Lyndsay Hoyle. This idiotic Northerner recently took the place of an equally repugnant creature. I tried looking it up on wikipedia but all I got was a list that ended in the 1700’s for some reason. Anyway, you can take it from me, the former creep was as creepy as the current one. It must be a job requirement. Anti-American scum, is how I would categorize them, based on what spews from their cake holes.

All Hail the great leader!

To cut a long story short, the whole crowd stood up and applauded this onstage circus. Take away the hose, the robes, the starched collars and the wigs, and it was all starting to look like North Korea. I wondered how many people in England support this shit show on it’s way to World War Three. I think we’re all beginning to understand how sane people felt about World War Two, when the drunken fool Churchill, dragged the entire world into something that could have been easily avoided. The death toll from that is vomit inducing. If you study history, you’ll see the same characters are usually involved. There are fortunes to be won and lost in global conflicts. It’s almost always about money.

Back in the USSA, people seemed to care about more important things, like the Senate hearings on Twitter, which are currently underway. After Musk bought it and exposed the corruption and criminality, there a few people sitting in front of this committee, who probably wish they were somewhere else. The vile creature who banned Donald Trump, the sitting president of the United States, looked particularly uncomfortable. I can’t find it’s name despite ten minutes of googling, (Vijaya Gadde) although I did find multiple reasons why the ban occurred. (the Jan 6 insurrection hoax of course). Everyone should watch Marjorie Taylor Greene and others, excoriate these wretches on live TV. They don’t belong in this country, because they clearly have contempt for everything it stands for. (see also the Democrat Party). Will there be any consequences for what they did? Don’t hold your breath. clips below. (The bottom one is particularly worth it)

Good Day.