Today I’m going

to talk about what I’ve been wanting to for the whole week, which in my opinion is anti-white propaganda sent out by governments. If the mention of anything pro-white triggers you, then you probably shouldn’t read this. I didn’t start this bullshit btw, I was quite happy with things being the way they were. The fact that I even have to talk about this means that something is very wrong. Below is a flyer sent to me by a government agency. Its purpose is to be helpful, and it probably is, but there’s a not so subtle message contained in it. Lets ‘s look at the image below which is the header of the “brochure”.

We’re here to help, great! What we see is a woman with a child. She looks like she might be Asian, and the kid looks like it had a white father. It’s a beautiful image of a mixed race family, so what? There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s also no man in the picture, so where is the father? Australia doesn’t have enough intact families to warrant a picture of one? Straight out of the gate we have two questionable images going here. What’s the subtle message? Race mixing is common, and fathers are absent. Ok, got it.

Next, we finally see what appears to be White people. (remember, Australia is a majority white country… for now) What are these white folks doing? One old guy is in a wheelchair, and his spouse? daughter? concubine? is walking with him. Where are they going? They are literally disappearing. That’s the message that I see. Who needs these old white people anyway? They’re all happily walking off into the sunset, never to be seen again, and good riddance! They already don’t exist, unlike every other person here, we don’t see their faces, they have been stripped of their identity. They seem to be on a walking track with an Aboriginal name. “Please remember to acknowledge the traditional owners of this land” etc etc.

Down at the bottom there is a brown skinned fellow. He’s young and he seems happy. He could be an Aboriginal, but he looks Indian to me. He’s got on a backwards cap and he’s looking at his phone. Is he looking for a job, a girlfriend, or helpful advice from the NSW government? We’ll assume the latter. After all, with hundreds of thousands of immigrants pouring in from places like India over the next five years, they’re going to need all the help they can get. He’ll probably vote Labor too. It’s all good!

This one is a head scratcher. Here we have two ladies, one Asian and one who looks Black, but is possibly Asian too, who are spending quality time with an elephant. They both look like they have been to a wedding, but again a male is absent. The elephant has a large trunk though, so is this just a reminder of what chicks really want? I don’t know. Was this, in fact a lesbian wedding. It’s puzzling and bizarre. What the fuck is a micro wedding anyway? The elephant looks happy at least.

Finally, we have a curvy Black lady wearing a hard hat, who appears to be on a construction site. She’s not, as you would expect, looking at her phone. She has a TABLET! That probably means she’s in charge of something there. She may even be the forewoman, the boss or the owner. Whatever the case, it’s a powerful image that women can do anything, and Black African women can do even more. Clearly, we need and want more of this. White men and males in general, as everyone knows, do most of this type of work in Australia. Well you can take a back seat. Boss lady is in charge now, and she looks well pleased with the way things are going.

There is a red button there that says “Have your say”. Well.. I’ve had my say. I guess I’m a bad person to even question this wonderful illustration of diversity, inclusion and government helpfulness, (as long as you’re not a white male). The people working in these agencies genuinely help people, of that I have no doubt. Who puts these messages together though? The government most probably hands it over to an ad agency with a brief on what it’s about, and sits back and accepts what they come up with, even if it’s the most delusional and offensive garbage they can muster, nobody questions any of it. That’s the globalist message.

Mutt land with a disappearing white population. It’s not acceptable to me at all, but it’s not directed at me. It’s hard to imagine that this view of their own society would be directed at the public in places like China, India or Africa. I know it wouldn’t be. Maybe the real message is white males of working age don’t need any help at all? After all, they literally rule the place. (for now)

Hey, cool it with that White Privilege will ya!

Happy Friday!

F… that’s the official name of the band now.