Today the sun

is out for what seems to be the first time in about two weeks. It’s been a rainy night all over the world before now. It’s gonna rain again before the day is through, so nobody should get too excited. Up at the broken down shack I’ve had to drag away all the stones that the plow guy decided we needed along the driveway last winter. He’s getting more and more careless. This year he gouged half of the driveway and deposited most of it at the end where the house is. I don’t know for sure that he has a drinking problem, but it sure looks like he’s somewhat impaired when he’s doing the plowing. I don’t really warm to the plow guys. Although this guy seems ok, the last one back in Monroe was a complete asshole. Suffice to say that this winter I don’t think there will be any plowing being done here. It’s costing more than it’s worth. I’ll just buy and old plow truck and keep it on the property. It would be cheaper in the long run.

Broderick Smith -vocals, in the Adderley Smith Blues Band.

On the Footscray/Sunshine/St Albans line, just near South Kensington Station was the first place I ever saw band graffiti.

All that aside, there’s nothing much going on. There never is if you ignore the television and the news, and your phone. Life is much simpler when these things are cut out. I do know that there is some kind of coronation going on (this week?) King Chuck is having a one in a lifetime splurge to show the world that Britain still has a vestige of… what. I’m not sure of. He wants people to pledge allegiance to the crown. Well I just looked this up on the internet for clarification and it is thus..”At King Charles’ coronation, the Archbishop of Canterbury has asked members to take part in a “Homage of the People” and pledge their true allegiance to him and his heirs and successors according to law.

According to law? What law? As far as I can gather, in past times there was an Homage of Peers, so now there will be an…“Homage of the People” replacing the traditional “Homage of Peers”, in which a long line of hereditary peers knelt and made a pledge to the monarch in person. I am so not interested in any of this I’m going to stop talking about it now.

Don’t forget kids, the Monarchy is built on a tower of blood and murder.

I can hear a bird singing outside. It’s going “peep peep peep”. Every night now there is a chorus of frogs in the lower pond. They call them “Spring Peepers”. They herald the beginning of spring around here. The peeping is a mating call, so what you’re witnessing is full on frog orgy about to take place. I call it Frog raping season, though I’m sure they’re all very respectful of one another, just like humans.

Ah, I’m bored with this now. It’s not because I don’t care, but the sun is out still, and I think I want to go outside before it starts raining again. The news came today that Australian singer Broderick Smith had passed away. I didn’t really know him, but he seemed like a cool dude. My very first band had John Lee as a drummer, who went on to play with the Dingoes, which Broderick was the lead singer of. John Lee died quite a while ago. He too, was born in England, as was Broderick. No pledge of allegiance from either of them now I would think.

This is cool. I’ve never seen this before. John Lee (named John Dubois here for some reason) and Broderick Smith talking about the time one of the band members was shot by two skin heads? in an MG.