Today Trump gets indicted again.

How many times is this now? Plus the Mueller investigation, impeachment, Russia etc. If you believe any of this is not election interference and third world weaponization of the justice system, you’re not a sentient being. Here’s a headline from the New York Times , “What Makes Jack Smith’s New Trump Indictment So Smart?” Stop it, I can only laugh so much….Good God, these people are insane….Just stay in the garden and be a rock covered in moss. It’s better that way. I just bought a ceramic crock pot, that’s how my day is going. I thought it was $24.99, because that’s what the sticker said. When looked at the receipt it said $19.99. Winning! Crock pots are great for the lazy person who doesn’t want to prepare anything to eat. You just throw stuff in (meats vegetables, a raccoon) and turn it on. Four hours later there’s a delicious meal cooked to perfection. I’m over simplifying it, but you get the idea.

Old school crockpot – it’s all in the ceramics

48 million guns were sold in this country in the last four years. That’s a record, and it’s possible that up to 60% of Americans now own guns, according to a recent survey. Why do people feel like they need guns? That’s the question. Why do progressives want to take them away? That’s the answer. The news today has some more interesting stuff. Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Wednesday accepted an invitation from California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom to debate. This could only be news if the people who think they control things, are trying to posit these two as the preferred presidential candidates in 2024. Remember how in 2016 it was going to be Jeb! vs Hillary? Hillary was going to win of course, but all of that failed to materialize, as this will as well.

The clown circus is running out of steam as the public is running out of patience, with this nonsense. I’m running out of patience with Facebook too. Here’s the thing. My account was broken in to because someone I don’t know had the password. So I get a notification, “did you change your password?” I reply, “no it wasn’t me. ” By the time I get the first notification and reply that it wasn’t me, the hacker has changed everything and locked me out of my account. I can’t log back in unless I prove to a Facebook robot who I am by uploading some ID. They want a driver’s license, they want a fucking passport for fuck’s sake! These idiots can’t run a secure platform, and they expect me to upload my passport?

None of this “verification” is necessary in the first place because. they have my first reply to the alert “did you change your password” Since I answered “no” to this, EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED AFTER THAT, IS NULL AND VOID.

All they need to do is send me a link to log in again and change my password legitimately back to what I decide it should be, but no. They want my personal information. They are purposely making it very difficult to reclaim what is essentially my intellectual property, unless I hand over personal information, which they don’t need. They are harvesting my PI for no good reason. As well as a personal page, which I really don’t give a shit about, I have a Slaughtermen page with over 100 followers, plus my own Ian Stephen page with followers.

There’s a Metaverse for everyone.

They’re still up btw, but I can’t log in SO I CAN’T CHANGE THEM, or let people know that they’re essentially frozen. I can’t talk to an actual person about this either, all I get is dumber than dumb fucking robot. Perhaps it’s Zuckerberg himself? ……This is not a way to run a business, but then the Metaverse was a colossal failure too. Apparently nobody wanted to live in Mark’s cyberspace, let along purchase digital real estate to avoid getting evicted from this brave new world of cartoonish bullshit. The whole thing was, and is completely fucking retarded.

From 2015 – I Carry Your Heart

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