January 24th. My customary TV watching at breakfast didn’t happen today, I was too busy. Actually, wait a minute, yes it did. I think I saw about 5 minutes of the ABC, and two of the at least three idiots that they employ to present anti US propaganda, disinformation and straight up lies to the sheep Down Under. The first was Carrington Clarke reporting on the shootings in California in the last two days. According to Carrington, the US “has had 30 mass shootings in January so far”. Really? Where did he get that statistic? Out of his asshole perhaps? Just get out of my country ok? This is the level of bullshit that the Australian taxpayer pays for. It’s not “trustworthy” and it’s not “free”. It’s expensive horse shit, but I don’t know what I’m talking about because I’ve just got a lousy web site and an internet connection, and not a billion dollars worth of studios, cameras, makeup artists, lights and useful idiots stationed around the world absorbing globalist garbage everywhere, and regurgitating it for fools who believe any of it to be true. Also domestic terrorism isn’t my thing.

The Irish hag was reporting on Elon Musk’s court case, but she couldn’t really twist it any way, it was just the facts delivered in that grating voice of hers. After I switched it off in disgust, which is every day, I set about to do other things. Some cat who has a radio show in Melbourne asked me to send him some material for a program that he was doing. In fact what he wanted was for me to do the show for him in effect. That was absolutely fine by me, so it took a while. If he sends me a link to it, I’ll post it here. I realize I have so many albums that I’m just scratching the surface when I’m trying to pick the best songs. From 2007 I have released 17 albums, not a bad effort, and with zero help from a record company. It’s good to have the brakes fixed on the car too, I might add. It is supposed to snow heavily tomorrow, something I’m not looking forward too. I hope the weather people are wrong and it’s more like today. Picturesque, without the need to drag out the fucking snow blower. I hate that.

What else? I just found some video of my early 80’s somewhat comedy band, the Armchairs. I had forgotten that it even existed. These were attempts at making somewhat professional video clips. They look like they were shot underwater, but I’m putting them up on Youtube nevertheless. I’m posting one below. It’s called, “Can You Guess”. It’s a kind of a parody of the Little River Band song, “Home on Monday”. It’s been so long I’d forgotten the name of the original LRB song. The Armchairs version is fucking stupid. I should post both so you can make up your own mind about which one is better. They’re different. Let’s say that.

The Armchairs

The Little River Band