Monday January 16, is nice and sunny. I was watching the DW News this morning. It’s a German news program, that someone once called the the Baader-Meinhof Gang. The Baader-Meinhof Group was the popular name for the Red Army Faction during much of the 1970s. They were a terrorist organization, and as the so-called news outlets today are basically practicing and promoting domestic terrorist propaganda, it seems befitting. Anyhoo, the DW News told us this morning that there was a wave of medical tourists flocking to Hong Kong to get their Mrna jabs to ward off the latest variant of the fake pandemic. Some people were paying $250 to destroy their immune systems apparently. This is all for a flu with a 99.9% survival rate, but forget about that, get your jabs and die.

There aren’t enough facepalm memes in the world to cover what is essentially the mass mental illness that is sweeping the world at present. I dunno man, it’s all so tiresome. I did go to the supermarket(s) this morning and that was pretty good. Aldi was the first stop but they had run out of butter. I saw a lady looking puzzled standing in front of the dairy cabinet, and I figured she might be looking for butter. It comes in a plastic tub and it’s a butter/olive oil mixture. I prefer pure butter, but after trying the Amish butter a coupe of times, I find that it’s unspreadable at the best of times, and unusable in winter. I told her that the butter wasn’t there, and she thanked me. Her father had sent her shopping and she couldn’t figure out what he wanted, mainly because it didn’t exist.

Sex drinks — Tempting, but no.

After that I went to the ‘Market Fresh’ I think it’s called. I’m pretty sure it used to be called the ‘International Market’, and it really should be. It’s mostly Hispanic/South American food, but they have Asian, Jamaican and Indian products too, and other countries. (I refuse to call India ‘Asia’ btw. Indians are Indians, not Asians who are a completely different race of people, but that’s Cultural Marxism at work, distorting the language to force a narrative) Where was I? I bought some chicken and some jerk seasoning at half the price of the Price Chopper and the Shoprite. I hate those places now and I don’t go in them. It”s the gouging. I also bought some Mexican yellow cake and some horchata. There were other things, but I’m bored with this now.I did see some bottles of what you might call Sex Tonic. Never seen ’em before. I took a picture (above) That’s all. I’m sure I have lots to do, it’s a holiday after all.