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clown world, it never changes. It’s Monday, and looking out the virtual window into the outside world makes me want to shut the blinds. All the news is bad news these days. I did watch Trump’s first 2024 Campaign rally from Waco on Saturday. It was classic Trump, but I think he should drop the closing part of the show where the dramatic music comes on and he starts talking about how bad things are. It’s a bit of a downer after all the cheer leading up to that point. It’s all true through. Everything is fucked, and the USA doesn’t really exist at the moment, so maybe people need to be reminded of that. If only George Washington could be reanimated. I’d like to have his thoughts on what’s been happening. He would probably say, “I predicted this”, and he’d be right. Trump’s winning campaign slogan is that he will “Stop World War Three from happening”, and “it will only take half a day.” Sign me up.

Mullumbimby NSW

Western countries the world over seem to be slowly committing suicide, at the least the politicians in power are doing it. The people have no say anymore. I started watching some comedians on the ABC this morning (apart from the regular news reading ones that is) No, these we self described comedians. Some fellow called Wil Anderson was doing a stand up show somewhere. The blurb said this, “Wilogical is a new, hour-long show which promises a serving of Wil Anderson doing what he does best – trying to make sense of the world and his place in it, live on stage with joke after joke.” It was published four months ago, so I don’t really know when it was actually recorded, but he talks about going to visit his parents in Mullumbimby, which is in the NSW Northern Rivers region. According to Will it is a town of “anti-vaxxers”. They are really stupid people who believe in “pseudo science”. He went into a lengthy diatribe about how these dumber than dumb hicks use apple cider vinegar to cure everything from a scratchy throat to dirt on your cars windscreen. This was met with gales of laughter from the audience. Everything he said about apple cider vinegar was correct though. Talk about stupid. Who’s stupid now?

Will said he’s had all the shots and boosters he can have. I found myself thinking that this show wasn’t going to age well, so I switched it off. Yesterday I decided to revisit the fasting idea that I was talking about a few days ago, and actually stopped eating from Saturday night until about two hours ago, when I had some tea and toast. Fasting wasn’t a great experience, but it wasn’t as bad as I remembered. I just drank water when I felt hungry. I tried some green tea, but that was too much. The worst part was trying to sleep on an empty stomach. I think a lot of these short fasts end before bed time the next day. If you stop eating on Saturday night and go through until Sunday evening, that’s a 24 hour fast. I kept it going for an extra eight hours, and that was the worst part. The weird dreams, and the constant waking up.

Bather’s Pavilion – ten minutes from my place.

I just tried looking at today’s news. It’s all the usual garbage. I see Barry Obama is visiting Down Under. Such excitement. First Billy Bragg, and now Barry Sotereo. Obama is being paid a million bucks for a “speaking tour” organized by something called “The Growth Faculty” “Brilliant ideas for inspired leadership Access the world’s brightest minds” LMAO. These ladies (the entire management team are women) apparently think Obama is smart. He certainly does. 1 million dollars says he is. There are scant details online about the Growth Faculty, no Wikipedia entry. There was a Youtube video where the Growth Faculty founder, Karen Beattie was describing their mission, but it’s been removed. It’s on their website though. I got through about 30 seconds of it. It looks like Karen has been an event organizer for a while, but who knows? There’s little info about her. Looking at their blog page I noticed an article with the heading, “Why diversity and inclusion in the workplace matter more than ever”. Uh huh. Where did the 1 mill come from? That’s my question. A Go Fund Me?

“An Evening with Hillary Clinton” – she’s very expensive, did she get more than Barry though?

These people don’t seem to produce much of value other than furthering a Progressive narrative. We won’t find out from their website, it’s almost like they don’t want people to know. Karen organized an event with Hillary Clinton in the past, that seems to be where she’s at. Brightest minds etc, etc. Their list of past speakers is a roll call of Obama/Clinton advisers insiders and various sake oil salesmen. Maybe libbies just throw money at this, because it’s just a rock concert to them. Barry is certainly being feted and celebrated at the moment down there. If Trump showed up it would be, “Look it’s Hitler!” Like Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Paul Hewson…er, I mean, Bono, Obama in his dad jeans is a “rock star”. Isn’t it/he great? Michelle didn’t look to happy after her lunch at the Bather’s Pavilion in Mosman. Did they run out of lobster? This a place where I have dined with my Aunt. It’s a classy joint, and expensive. She paid. I used to live just up the road about ten minutes away. Every morning I’d be down at the beach swimming, and wondering what all the poor people in England were doing. Unfortunately I have a better idea of that now. I’d move to Hawaii if I thought I wouldn’t go crazy on an island stuck in the middle of the Pacific, but maybe I might love it.. Happy Monday.