Well it snowed

on the weekend. It was a Snowmageddon but I was prepared. I even had my eight year old cheap Chinese generator running, but the power stubbornly refused to go off, so I didn’t get a chance to use it. Boo! I cleared the snow from my sidewalk, and the neighbors on both sides. Yes, I’m truly a great person to live next door to. I hope that’s it for a while, but who knows? I think there was nine inches, at least on the front porch anyway. Last week there was some kerfuffle at a mall in Miami. Supposedly some teens were rioting with sticks and rocks, and a shit load of cops were deployed as well as some helicopters to quell the disturbance. If you can believe it, there was not one second of cellphone footage of any of this riot, even though when “teens” are brawling there is always someone with their cellphone out recording it. Not this time…uh uh. Some people were saying there were 8 -10 feet tall aliens running around, but the authorities denied it. There was some (of course) blurry footage of what looked to be alien creatures walking around. That could very well be fake too. You just can’t tell any more. The news media is so full of lies that nothing is believable any more.

What in the actual the fuck is that?

Down in Australia last week they have passed legislation for a Federal ban on Nazi salutes and the swastika. ” To “ensure no one in Australia will be allowed to glorify or profit from acts and symbols that celebrate the Nazis and their evil ideology”. It’s not enough. All movies and books depicting Nazis, documentaries about Hitler and everything to do with Germany itself between the years 1939 -1945 should be erased from history as well in my opinion. While we’re at it, lets crush and shred every Volkswagen “Bug” (In German it literally means the people’s car) that’s in existence today. They’re probably all heavily polluting the air, they’re so fucking ancient now.

Vile Nazis admiring Hitler’s dream of an affordable car for the people

Adolf Hitler’s admiration of automobiles in particular, fueled the making of these vehicles. Cars were, he said, “mankind’s most marvelous means of transport.” In 1934, Hitler suggested a basic, fuel-efficient vehicle that could transport two adults and three children and whose engine would be powerful enough to traverse Germany’s new Autobahnen. Hitler himself was present at the opening of the Volkwagen works in 1938, predicting that this Volkswagen, initially known as the Kraft-durch-Freude-Wagen, or KdF-Wagen, would be “a symbol of the National Socialist people’s community.” While these vehicles are still on the road, it’s a constant reminder of Hitler and his evil ideology. I’m serious. The whole thing is disgusting.

Thanks Hitler.

It’s a sick world, I tell ya. I’m going to try and focus on nice things this week. I’ve still got a lot of songs to edit. I only managed to complete two on the weekend. Sunday was a blowout due to the snow storm. Some idiots named it “Winter Storm Ember”, which has to be the dumbest name for something that’s the opposite of warm. If you’re wondering who started this storm naming madness it was the Weather Channel about 11 years ago. Let me know when they start naming heatwaves. “El Diablo is expected to hit Southern California this Tuesday, with highs of over one hundred degrees.” “Stay hydrated and keep out of the sun.” Anyhoo.. I have some more editing to do. Most people probably don’t realize how much work goes into this task. Without the benefit of live vision switching during the recording, all the individual camera feeds have to be synched together and chopped up into shots which put together, resemble something that is watchable. The audio has to all match as well. It’s time consuming, but thanks to my half a dozen years working in television, I think have a better idea than some people of how to get it done reasonably quickly. I don’t know man, it’s still tedious work, like bricklaying or something. I’ve had worse jobs.