“What if you’re going through the wrong puberty? What if you inside feel that you are female, but now you’re going through a male puberty?”

These are the words of a former man called Richard Leland Levine, who apparently “transitioned” into a woman in 2011, and who in 2021, was appointed to the position of Assistant Secretary of Health by Joseph Robinette Biden. Levine was also named as one of USA Today’s women of the year in 2022, which recognizes women who have made a significant impact on society. I don’t know, I can’t recall thinking I was in the wrong puberty, it was a while ago now. In any case it’s too late. I’m a biological male, and that’s the way I’m going to stay. “Glen or Glenda”, likes to call itself a woman, that’s fine, but he still has a male skeleton, and other characteristics which will define his biological gender status and which will never go away as long as he/she lives. If future Archeologists dug up Rachael’s bones they will say that it was a man.That this is an individual who who is the assistant secretary of health in this current regime is fairly indicative of where we are today. It’s all good. It’s fine.

This is what is euphemistically called “Clown World”. In China they’re probably wondering what has been put in the drinking water over here. Notice that none of this madness appears to be present in places like China? I doubt we’ll ever see a transwoman in an exulted position of power in that country, but who knows? It just demonstrates how backward and unprogressive the Chinese people are really. They haven’t got the balls to appoint transpeople to high ranking government jobs like we do. I’m wondering now if Rachael Levine still has balls, or it it a woman penis and women balls? People don’t need to know.

No doubt all of this that I’m saying has transgressed some imaginary line, whereby it’s hateful to even ask questions about these things, let alone attempt to find humor in them. Cultural Marxist Progressivism is distinctly lacking in humor, but it is definitely rich in comedic outcomes. Very soon you won’t be allowed to poke fun at anything. It will all be deemed hate speech. You won’t be able to notice things either. There will be legislation to prevent you from deducing from statistics and trends what it actually means for society. Stop noticing all of this stuff like the crime rate, and who is overly represented in those statistics. Stop noticing who is overly represented in the government and the media. You aren’t allowed to articulate these things, it’s not helpful, it’s hateful. Support the current thing or else.

Rachael and the ex-wife. Guess who went through the wrong puberty?

If you don’t toe the line you will be banished from society. At this point, millions of people are already disenfranchised from so called “society”. Imagine if you found a nice house that you wanted to live in. You put the money down, the deal was done, and then someone came along at the last minute and claimed it as their own. They told the bank that it wasn’t your money at all, you had stolen it and it was theirs. Knowing that all of this was incorrect, you appealed to the bank, and they just ignored you and handed over the house that you had bought with your money to the other party, based on their dubious and unfounded claims.

You ended up poorer, with no house, and being prosecuted for a crime you didn’t commit. How would you feel? I would imagine that’s how 73 million people in this country might feel today, and they’re not going to just “get over it”. It’s a big problem. I don’t know, maybe they just went through the wrong puberty? We should ask the 2022 Woman of the Year. Women are such nurturing creatures. She’ll have the answer I’m certain of it.

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