What’s the biggest hurdle?

Lauren Sanchez: (Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend) “With climate, you may not know for five, 10 years. Some things may not work and some things will. Scientists, leaders and people like Jeff are really trying to figure this out. This is the decisive decade. This is the decade we need to figure this out. It’s the coolest it’s ever going to be. Think about that.” Jesus wept. This woman can fly a helicopter, and she believes in this nonsense? “It’s the coolest it’s ever going to be?” Did she miss the last few Ice Ages? I dunno man, sometimes I think people just say what they think people want them to hear. What she says doesn’t even make sense. Jeff is trying to figure this out? How, precisely? Is he trying to figure out if it’s bullshit, or how he can make money off it? I like how she says, “Scientists, leaders….and people like Jeff.”

Everyone else presumably, is waiting around with baited breath hoping that this brains trust will ‘figure it out”. Fuck me, what universe does she live in? Answer – A very rich one.

Jeff’s figuring it out.

Fuck all of this shit. Yesterday I discovered that there is a brand new Ocean State Job Lot in my town. This is huge. They must have built it during the summer when I wasn’t around here much. It’s where the Shoprite used to be and it’s an enormous space. For those of you who don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, Ocean State is a kind of a surplus discount store, which has a limited number of items that you sometimes can’t get anywhere else. I buy most of my tea there because it’s the same stuff that they drink in the UK. It’s a lot stronger than American tea. They have these things called ‘Crazy Deals’ as well, which is probably the best thing about it. You buy something like say, a blender and then they literally give you your money back in the form of a card for the same amount, which of course you can only spend in their store. Since I’m always buying stuff there, it suits me very well. I have no idea how they do it, but it must be working because now there is a store less than two miles from me. Such a thrill.

It doesn’t take much. It’s Friday again. How time flies…etc. I haven’t got a lot to say. Everything is the same boring shit, but then we should be grateful we don’t live in Ethiopia or Ukraine. Or England. When I see who’s running that country these days, I wonder what is going on there. It doesn’t even appear to be England any more. It’s a collection of diversity placements in key positions by the look of it. Where are all the English people? Don’t get me started about who is English and who is is not. Everyone knows what’s happening and I wonder if everyone is sick to death of it. If half the cabinet of India were to suddenly be comprised of white people, whether they were born in India or not, eyebrows would be raised. The UK is 87% white, that should be reflected in people who run the government in my opinion. Don’t get me started on the crooks in Washington either.

I’m glad I don’t live there. Scotland has to be the worst. Newly minted M to F trannys charged with rape as men in a previous life are being housed in women’s prisons so they can rape some more. Nicola Sturgeon has put a stop to it though. It’s worth mentioning that Scotland under this troll’s watch is leading the LGBTXYZ plus tax, charge. At the moment the joint is undergoing a “constitutional battle” over Scotland’s gender recognition bill. Since I’m not interested in mental illness, I’m going to stop there. If you need a laff, the BBC has a ridiculous article about it here. “It is thought to be the first time a trans woman has been convicted of raping women (with ‘her’ penis?) in Scotland.”

Aaah, my sides.. Happy Friday