Yesterday I saw an

alarming crawl on the Aussie news. Australia’s population growth has reached 27 million people 18 years before it was supposed to get there. You would think that this would be on the front page of the state run ABC website, but no. There was also another crawl that said a Captain Cook statue had been taken down in Melbourne just before Australia Day which is tomorrow. Nothing about it at all. They tease you with these things and then don’t deliver. I finally found the story on the Melbourne Age newspaper website.

“The colony will fail”. That’ll show them. While they’re at it why not knock down everything the European invaders have built there? At least be consistent. You can’t proclaim that “colonization” is bad while enjoying the benefits of the civilization that it brought. It’s not going to make much difference in the future anyway, because the globalists want to flood all White countries with POC from the 3rd world. They’ll finish the job. Look at South Africa if you want a vision of what happens when you drive the White people out. I don’t give a fuck, indeed I thank God that I don’t live there every day. It’s not that I didn’t like the place or the people. The problem, as it has always been and always will be, is that it is part of the British Commonwealth and governed by really really stupid people. Look at Canada. On second thoughts, I’d rather not. Castro’s son is destroying the place by importing half of India. There’s nowhere to live, the same as is happening in Australia. How do you imagine the population grew to 27 million 18 years ahead of time? It wasn’t the birthrate.

Justin Turdeau

Fidel Castro

Education has failed. That’s the real problem in these places. History is a complete lie and you’re guilty of a hate crime if you question any of it. Before I left the ABC website this caught my eye. It was a story about covid and immunity. “While some lucky people claim to have never had COVID, many are facing their second, third or even fourth infection, often despite having been vaccinated. You might be wondering, how long does immunity last after a previous infection or vaccination?” Please tell us. I for one would love to know how this safe and effective vaccine really works.

The answer was complicated (isn’t it always?) Are you ready for this??? ahem.. “COVID vaccine effectiveness wanes over time. A 2023 review found the original vaccines were 79.6 per cent and 49.7 per cent effective at protecting against symptomatic delta infection at one and nine months after vaccination respectively. They were 60.4 per cent and 13.3 per cent effective against symptomatic omicron at the same time points. …This is where booster doses come into the picture. They’re important to keep the immune system ready to fight off the virus,” That’s right, education has failed, and failed miserably. Get boosted today!