was fun. It’s Feb 1. After purchasing a new guitar and being assured that it would get to me safely and quickly by Friday, I got a call from Martyn (he/him) at the Guitar Center. “I’m sorry but we only have one left in stock, and it’s damaged. I can send you a picture of it if you like.” Ok, the guy sends me a picture. I can buy this but I’m paying full (albeit discount) price for an item that was advertised as brand new. This is the third dinged up D’Angelico guitar that I’ve had the dubious pleasure of having anything to do with. I look at the pic and it’s got a nice gouge right next to the audio jack. It’s not too bad, but honestly where are all the good undamaged ones? I’m beginning to think that that’s all these Stupid Deals are with D’Angelico guitars. They are all damaged. Anyway, I still want it, and it’s $500 off remember? I tell him, take off the sales tax and you have a deal. He/him says yes, and so maybe I’ll get a new (slightly damaged) guitar on Friday. Who knows?

Is that a Leprechaun at the bottom of the garden? No, it’s Neil Young!

At this point I don’t care. I’ve got 17 guitars hanging on my wall in here, do I need another? Not really. Later on I stumbled across a youtube video of a recent interview with Rick Rubin and Neil Young about some project or other that they were doing. At least I think it was a project. The interviewer wouldn’t shut the fuck up long enough for anyone to find out. This insufferable Kiwi clearly thought we were interested in what he was doing, and not the people he was interviewing. It was unwatchable, and I said as much in a comment on the page. That was quickly scrubbed from the comments section. We simply can’t have any criticism of this great video, benign as it (the comment) was. The most alarming thing was the state of Neil Young. That boy sure has let himself go. Rick Rubin looks like the aging flower child that he is. Eternally barefoot and in the park. I would have been interested in hearing what they had to say, but the stupid and annoying Kiwi just wouldn’t shut up. That accent should be banned. The comments by others that were allowed were quite amusing, “I’ve never seen Neil Young look so relaxed in an interview”. Really? He’s relaxed all right. He’s starting to look like…well, it’s better not to say. A picture = a thousand words etc, etc. Neil is going to play at Willie Nelson’s 90th birthday in April, but hasn’t toured much because of ‘environmental concerns”.

From – In a recent interview with The New Yorker, Young said that if he were to tour again, the trek would need to be fully environmentally friendly. “I have a plan,” he said. “I’ve been working on it with a couple of my friends for about seven or eight months. We’re trying to figure out how to do a self-sustaining, renewable tour. Everything that moves our vehicles around, the stage, the lights, the sound, everything that powers it is clean. Nothing dirty with us. We set it up; we do this everywhere we go.” It’s worth reading that New Yorker interview. Apparently Neil’s new album is focused almost exclusively on how to combat climate change. Oh no, a whole album dedicated to something that doesn’t exist.. My sides..

WTF dude?

That New Zealand is a dysfunctional shit hole there is no doubt, but progressives like Neil Young probably think it’s the great escape zone in the coming apocalypse, therefore all Kiwi stuff is great and wonderful, man. After seeing what they did to people during the fake pandemic, it’s the last place I’d want to be. Maybe my old home town of Melbourne would take that prize. It’s a tough contest to figure out which place abuses human rights with more demonic gusto. It’s the earlobes that take the prize. And so we stumble on through the week. It’s hump day and it’s going to get colder tomorrow. By Friday it is supposed to get down to 1 deg F. That’s -17 Celsius btw. Sounds really cold now, don’t it? My electric blanket has a busted clip, but I think it will still work. I’ll let you know.

Amish Man -sounds a bit Neil Youngish..