You’ll never find me on

Cuckerberg’s “Threads”, but that’s a given. Unfortunately I’m still on fagbook, shitter and shitcock. There, that’s a good start to the week. When some mentally ill progressive starts shrieking about anything I say here, you’ll know I’me getting some traction. It’s not gonna happen of course, so I’ll just continue on my merry way. Remember, it’s my opinion, which I think I’m still entitled to. I know we’re not far off from being a carbon copy of communist China, so if/until that happens I can probably talk smack about everything and everybody. Last week we had the usual screaming about “muh climate change”, because of the heatwaves in Europe and North America. Anyone would think these sad clowns had never experienced a hot summer before. No, it’s the “climate crisis”, which goes hand in hand with the “cost of living crisis”, which was all preceded by the “covid crisis”. Starting to notice a pattern here, eh? Fuck these idiots.

I’m in a cranky mood, I think. I shouldn’t be. Despite the ongoing, (and probably deliberately lit) Canadian wildfires smoke that’s filling the air, I went for a swim this morning, which was nice. I just came back from Ocean State, where I bought everything I went there for. The best part was that it was very inexpensive. Gas prices seem to have gone down to oh, I don’t know, only a dollar fifty higher than they were under the word’s worst president, and possibly person, Donald Trump. Hitler is getting jealous I tell ya. I know there are millions of people out there that believe this rubbish. Most of the people I used to hang out with believe it too. That’s how effective the media brainwashing is. Let me say this, at least 50% of the “news” is utter bullshit. It’s either propaganda (climate change, cost of living crisis etc etc) or just stories to demoralize everyone. Take the “war” I guarantee the majority of people don’t care about it, or if they do, they would rather not be involved in it. But no, they have no say. The feckless politicians are throwing vast amounts of taxpayer money into this bottomless pit. They don’t care, it’s not their money, it’s yours.

Time’s Man of the Year 1938

What are you gonna do about it? Vote for someone else? Good Luck, the fucking system is rigged. For every good politician there are 99 globohomo United Nations dick sucking cunts who are too stupid to run a chook raffle. There’s no help coming. When it’s too late, people might wake up, but I doubt it. They’ll just shrug their shoulders and talk about sport. There’s a “crisis” alright. It’s the cognitive dissonance of having to live in a world that makes no sense at all. That’s the plan. Speaking of “plans”, there is something oft quoted called the “Kalergi plan” devised by Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, an Austrian-Japanese politician, philosopher and ah..”count”

Kalergi is remembered mainly as someone who had a vision of European integration. A globe dominated by an ‘oligopoly’ of just five states, bolstered and enhanced by migration from non-European countries. As far as I can tell, it was meant to be a buffer against Russian Imperialism. Don’t quote me on this. I don’t get paid to write this stuff. I’m just delivering some information that I think is interesting. Despite what the critics might say, this “plan” seems to be working quite well today. Take a look at Europe. Of course, if you google the Kalergi plan, you’ll be redirected to articles telling you not to be such a stupid white supremacist conspiracy theorist. Kalergi was a great guy, he loved cats and taking long walks along the beach. If you look “Kalergi Plan” up on wikipedia it will tell you that it is “is a far-rightantisemiticwhite genocide conspiracy theory”, so don’t even try and get any ideas about it…You’re a bad person.

Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi

Everything’s a lie. You can’t trust the internet, you can’t trust the news. You can’t trust the system, you can’t trust politicians, who can you trust? Trust your gut, maybe. Nature has a way of helping itself out when in need. Nature is us, we are nature, so it makes sense that our creator, Nature would give us the tools to make our way through life. Some people call nature “God”, that’s fine. If God is good then nature is good while you respect it’s laws. We’re straying into the metaphysical now, which is also fine, but I don’t want to turn this into an actual treatise on human existence, today anyway.  

It’s too damn hot, but that’s what normally happens in summer…oooooh.