10,000 wise monkeys

For some reason yesterday’s journal didn’t get uploaded, so here it is. You’ll find a link to today’s page (Thursday) at the bottom of this page.

It’s Wednesday Jan 11. The government/media complex now have their own ‘misinformation’ reporters. On the BBC minutes ago I just witnessed this. A Tory politician in the UK has just been suspended for doing the unthinkable, declaring that the vaccines were comparable to the ‘holocaust’. On the news today, the BBC trotted out this ‘misinformation’ reporter who told us that it was a load of nonsense, and there were a few very rare bad side effects, so get your jabs and carry on. This is where we are. If you’ve watched the Bernie Madoff series on Netflix you’ll see how basically the mainstream media is like the SEC, completely in denial about everything. “Bernie’s one of us, he couldn’t possibly be running a Ponzi scheme, you’re crazy, get out of here.” There was one guy, an accountant in a hedge fund in New York somewhere who ran the numbers in 1995 and said it was impossible to never lose money with Madoff’s supposed trading strategy. He found more than a dozen red flags with Madoff’s scheme. He handed the evidence on a platter to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US Stock Market’s oversight and governing body, whose main objective is to protect investors from people like Madoff, and they told him he was nuts.

Because of this inaction, Madoff had another ten years free reign with which to fleece billions from people all over the world. At one point the jig would have been up when the SEC asked Madoff for solid proof that his business was legit. They told him they needed specific bank account details that every Wall Street trader must have in place to run a legit business. It was proof that he was actually doing what he said he was. Bernie, knowing that he couldn’t produce such evidence, nevertheless handed them a bogus bank account number, and expected to be hauled away to jail as soon as they found out it didn’t exist. Guess what? Nothing happened. The SEC didn’t even check, they either had so much trust in the guy, or like many government public servants, couldn’t be bothered. The problem with the ‘vaccines’ is that we’re dealing with people’s lives, not their bank accounts. Now put this whole scenario in the context of the dystopian nightmare that we’re living in today, and you can see why the herd keeps going along with the madness that they do.

They simply don’t want to know. For example, people are dropping like flies all over the place. 14k excess deaths in the UK recently in a very short period of time, and many documented cases of people with terrible, life changing side effects from experimental gene therapy marketed as ‘safe and effective’ ‘vaccines. Don’t pay attention to that, it’s ‘misinformation’. Well now, let’s take the fact that if we are to believe that Joe Biden got more votes than Obama did in 2012, campaigned from his basement, and failed to achieve almost every single statistical benchmark for a presidential election that has happened in the last 100 years, and somebody wonders out loud, how is this possible, they will shut down as an ‘election denier’. You might be wondering what the hell is going on. It’s the same with everything that the legacy media are brainwashing everyone with. It’s always been going on, but now it’s on steroids. The world is imploding around us and the government/media complex have their fingers in their ears, and blinders on it would seem. Either that, or that or they have another agenda for the sheep, and it’s not going to be user friendly.

the axeman goeth Thursday, Jan 12